False ceilings

False ceilings are added to control temperature and increase beauty of various rooms in a household. We, Apple Interiors can design and execute stunning false ceilings for your homes that not only will fit the scheme of your architecture but also enhance its appearance to high level of elegance and beauty. False ceilings Hyderabad by us can be Gypsum, Plaster of Paris, wooden, Fiber, Metal, synthetic leather, clothing or metal ceilings and you can trust them to hold their own in terms of appearance and splendor and colors and styles. Contemporary false ceiling designs for hall & bedroom are paired with effective lighting that are selectively chosen to create the right moods for different rooms by us. 

When it comes to false ceiling prices, you can’t beat Apple Interiors as we offer the most affordable quotes compared to similar services operating in Hyderabad and outside. This necessary does not mean that we use inferior materials or services, because we have a high reputation to maintain and we always aim to protect that. Whether you are an individual home or an apartment complex needing false ceilings, you will find us the best false ceiling contractors in Hyderabad as we have a great team of artisans and false ceiling designers working for us and also a plethora of interior design brands partnering us. We are able to produce one-off design in our false ceiling every time we take up an assignment and the credit goes to our creative team of interior designers and the results are all there for you to see.